Begin your day in Labuan Bajo with our selection of fresh pastries and bakery delights.


artisan baking

Welcoming you warmly to the first artisan bakery in Labuan Bajo is truly my pleasure. Crafting delightful experiences through bread and pastry has always been my passion, and here at Bertini Artisan Bakery, I get to share that passion with every guest who walks through our doors.

I present carefully crafted classic and signature Italian bread and pastries at Bertini. Each masterpiece reflects my timeless dedication, tireless effort, and culinary expertise.

Making and rolling each piece with my own hands, creating something remarkable is more than a pleasure but a calling—a culmination of years of experience and a huge dedication, always in search of perfection.

A timeless Italian classic

We invite you not only to enjoy the pastry but also to appreciate the history, passion, and craftsmanship that go into each bakery and pastry we serve.

consistency throughout the everyday process

Goodness for us means much more than pleasant taste. It means doing things well, with care and attention, applying to current processes the excellent rules that characterized the production of the oven and pastry shop of the past, rustic but naturally careful.

Unwavering Passion, Endless Innovation

We’ll be ready to welcome you at BERTINI for brunch and lunch. We’re constantly cooking up new ideas, and our delectable Italian cuisine is just the start of our exciting menu innovations.

Labuan Bajo will always be a home to us. Our entire team is thrilled to bring the first Artisan Baking experience to the island.

We’re ready to welcome you daily at BERTINI for a fresh start in the morning as you begin your travel day on this beautiful island.

Opening Hours

OPEN DAILY 07.00 – 15.00